Swift Navigation shakes hand with Deutsche Telekom, Plans to Boost Autonomous Mobility in Europe

The key objective of Swift Navigation behind this collaboration is to boost autonomous mobility across Europe.

Swift ​​Navigation, a US-based company offering precise positioning solutions for autonomous vehicles, has lately announced a partnership with Deutsche Telekom, a telecommunications company based in Germany. The key objective of Swift Navigation behind this collaboration is to boost autonomous mobility across Europe. This strategic move incorporates the precise positioning of Skylark™ Cloud Corrections Services of Swift into Telekom’s comprehensive communications infrastructure with the help of its new Precise Positioning product offering. The Precise Positioning service is presently available across the US and Germany, with expansion across Europe already started.

While speaking on the occasion, Timothy Harris, Co-Founder and CEO at Swift Navigation, reflected, “We are happy to continue working with Telekom to bring Swift Navigation’s precise positioning GNSS expertise to the wider customer base of Telekom. This collaboration is just the start of our joint service offering for autonomous vehicles across the Europe.”

Precise Positioning of both the firms to Prove Beneficial

Swift and Telekom’s lane-level accurate Precise Positioning is likely to prove beneficial for the level 2 as well as Level 3 automotive applications, comprising advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) like lane assist, cellular vehicle-to-everything (CV2X) communications, lane level directions, and highway autopilot.

“Precise Positioning presents lucrative prospects for true autonomous mobility. We are providing our customers with a simple entry into the autonomous future. The flexible offer is apt for use with drones and is useful to crane operators on the construction locations,” remarked Hagen Rickmann, who is responsible for business customers at Deutsche Telekom.

Standard GNSS positioning is precise to 3 to 5 meters, which is not appropriate for autonomous systems. As far as the greater levels of autonomous capability are concerned, high-precision localization is needed to provide accuracy down to the cm. This deal brings the less than 10cm accuracy of precise positioning technology of Swift to the customers of Telekom.

Precise Positioning Evaluation Kit to Simplify Testing

In order to simplify testing as well as integration, Telekom and Swift have developed a Precise Positioning Evaluation Kit. This kit entails two workshops (result review and onboarding), testing hardware and software to connect to the Precise Positioning network for a 3 month evaluation period and is accessible.

Nuvei Agrees to Sell CreditGuard, Collaborates with the MAX Group

MAX commercial customers wanting to establish business activities outside Israel will have access to Nuvei’s payment acquiring network in different regions.

Nuvei, a Canadian privately-owned electronic payment processing company, has announced a strategic partnership with the MAX Group, an Israeli financial institution. The company has agreed to sell Israeli payment gateway services provider to businesses CreditGuard, as part of the agreement. MAX commercial customers wanting to establish business activities outside Israel will be enjoying access to the Nuvei payment acquiring network in Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe, and North America, with the help of the partnership. Through a single integration, MAX customers will be able to transact in more than 250 alternative payment methods and more than 150 currencies, with the help of Nuvei’s proprietary native platform.

“The acquisition is in line with MAX’s merchant-centric approach. Israel is on the verge of a payment revolution, which will need merchants of all sizes to overhaul their offline and online capabilities, and adapt their systems to EMV standards. For Israeli businesses joining the digital revolution, this is important news. CreditGuard offers a range of secure and advanced digital payment services across all sales channels. Collaborating with Nuvei will help our company to tailor global payment solutions to our commercial customers,” said MAX, EVP Business Development and Strategy, Ohad Maimon.

Partnership to help Nuvei expand its global footprint

“Our company went through a rigorous process for finding the ideal partner for expanding our acquiring business into Israel, and also a company that’ll ensure the long-term success and continuity of CreditGuard, its employees and customers. Our company is confident in MAX’s strategy and vision in delivering extraordinary services and products to CreditGuard customers. The partnership, in turn, enables our company to expand our global footprint and cements Nuvei’s role as a payments leader with massive reach and scale,” said Chairman and CEO of Nuvei, Philip Fayer.

CreditGuard CEO, Uriel BenDavid says the connection to MAX will be empowering CreditGuard to increase the value proposition and expand the range of services it will be able to offer to its customers.

BitGo gains control of Harbor, Plans to Expand Services beyond Crypto Custody

The key objective of BitGo behind this strategic move is to expand its services beyond crypto currency and become a full-stack service provider in the digital securities segment.

BitGo, a digital asset trust firm headquartered in California, recently acquired Harbor, an online platform for digitized securities. The key objective of BitGo behind this strategic move is to expand its services beyond crypto currency and become full-stack service provider in the digital securities segment. The terms of the transaction are not yet revealed.

“Our vision has always been beyond custody and wallets,” remarked, Mike Belshe, CEO of BitGo, while speaking on the event. “With the help of this deal, we will be able to expand the vision of creating a novel digital infrastructure for financial services,” added Belshe.

Harbor’s Subsidiaries Included under the Acquisition

Along with Harbor, BitGo gains control of the platform’s subsidiary companies, including a transfer agent regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a broker-dealer controlled by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

BitGo & Harbor Worked together Before Acquisition

“Prior to the acquisition, BitGo had worked in collaboration with Harbor since the start of the digital securities platform,” stated, Josh Stein, CEO of Harbor. “We have worked closely to combine Business Wallets and Custody of BitGo with Harbor’s services. Once you are working under the same roof, things become possible and you make things more integrated than you could earlier,” added Stein.

Harbor offers a complementary technology stack to BitGo for the lifecycle of digital securities and key service capabilities through its digital assets broker-dealer and transfer agent subsidiaries. As Stein is also joining BitGo, his role is not yet clear.

Acquisition to Allow BitGo Recreate Parts of Financial System

The acquisition enables BitGo to recreate all sections of the traditional financial system. BitGo will add Harbor’s products and services under this deal, however a particular roadmap has not been confirmed yet. As per sources, BitGo, as a whole, processes greater than 20% of the Bitcoin movements across the globe. BitGo is taking constant efforts to develop its wallet offerings as the company announced custodial support for EOS and Tron in 2019, second half.

Sporting KC Partners with Las Vegas Renewable Energy Provider

The partnership between Sporting KC and Wise Power includes naming rights to the Wise Power Shield Club at soccer-specific stadium Children’s Mercy Park.

Sporting KC, a US professional soccer club based in Kansas, has entered into a new partnership with Wise Power, a US intelligent energy storage firm with IoT capabilities. According to Sporting KC’s recent news release, the partnership includes naming rights to the Wise Power Shield Club at soccer-specific stadium Children’s Mercy Park, which is the home of Sporting KC. Located on the stadium’s west side at concourse level, the Wise Power Shield Club offers guests an authentic Kansas City experience throughout the season of the professional soccer league Major League Soccer. The premium indoor space features floor-to-ceiling windows with a midfield view of the pitch.

“Our company is happy to enter the partnership with Sporting KC. Wise Power searched for a location to train our distributor community, demonstrate our capabilities, and showcase our products. The Wise Power Shield Club will be allowing our company to do all three. Wise Power is excited for associating our brand with a quality organization and supporting the enhancement of this fantastic venue,” said Kevin Williams, President/CEO of Wise Power.

Wise Power Shield Club has climate-controlled lounge area

“Sporting KC is excited to welcome Wise Power as one of our newest partners at Children’s Mercy Park. Wise Power has designed technology services and products that are incredibly stylish and innovative. Our club is integrating those same essential elements in the Wise Power Shield Club with an exciting new feel and look this year for guests to enjoy,” said Job Moses, VP of Corporate Partnerships at Sporting KC.

Wise Power’s new energy storage system Wise Power Pack can be used to power electric vehicles. The company’s other intelligent energy storage systems can be used to power businesses and homes.

BitMax.io Collaborates with Bithumb Korea on Blockchain and Infrastructure Tech Development

As part of their partnership, BitMax.io and Bithumb Korea will look to leverage each other’s market expertise and presence.

Singapore-registered global digital asset trading platform, BitMax.io has announced its partnership with Bithumb Korea, a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform in South Korea. The partnership will benefit both the platforms as they take advantage of each other’s market expertise and presence. In today’s competitive environment, the collaboration will help in accelerating the development of product solutions and promote new opportunities for the two companies. As per the terms of the partnership, the two platforms will focus on developing blockchain and infrastructure technologies.

“For our institutional-grade trading platform, rigorous product innovation has always been a key point of differentiation. BitMax.io is excited about the thrilling opportunity of combining that approach with the deep crypto business expertise of Bithumb Korea. Both institutions will be closely working on the delivery of synergistic products and services to our worldwide users across the digital asset ecosystem,” said CEO of BitMax.io, Dr. George Cao.

Bithumb established research and development center in South Korea

Bithumb Korea is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of total transaction volume and was founded in 2014. Bithumb has increased its blockchain technology investment by development and offering research, VC, kiosk, and custody services, thus making its contribution to the cryptocurrency ecosystem growth. BitMax.io, founded in 2018, provides a wide range of financial services and products for institutional and retail clients. Its robust product design ranges from novel volatility products to investment solutions such as margin trading.

Early in 2020, Bithumb launched its own research and development center in South Korea. According to sources, it has become the first company with a cryptocurrency and blockchain research center in the country. The research team at the new research and development center will be studying system architecture design for strengthening cryptocurrency private key security and public blockchain transaction analysis. Furthermore, the architecture research team will be focusing on high-performance transaction matching systems.

McAfee Strengthens its Relationship with Samsung, Aiming at Protecting Consumers’ Personal Data from Online Risks

With the help of this collaboration, the smartphones of Samsung, comprising the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S Series, and Galaxy Fold, will come with the pre-installation of anti-malware protection, powered by McAfee.

McAfee, a global computer security company based in California, has lately extended its long-standing collaboration with Samsung, with an aim to protect the personal data of the consumers from potential online risks. With the help of this collaboration, the smartphones of Samsung, comprising the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S Series, and Galaxy Fold, will come with the pre-installation of anti-malware protection, powered by McAfee. Together with the mobile, this partnership will provide the Samsung laptops and Personal Computer users with enhanced protection.

Terry Hicks, Executive Vice President of the Consumer Business Group at McAfee, remarked, “McAfee is committed to protecting the consumers online while they are shopping, banking, or sharing anything online. Our relationship with Samsung supports our purpose to assure the consumers that their personal data, as well as their friends or family, won’t be put at risk online.”

Changing Digital Scenario to call for Extra Protection

The digital scenario for consumers is undergoing continuous changes. From posting photos to socializing with friends to doing bank transactions, consumers are connected online for above 6 hours per day on an average. As per McAfee Labs, 504 threats are detected every single minute. This shows how essential it has become for the consumers to stay cautious while going online.

Samsung Smartphones to Come with Pre-installation of Anti-malware Protection

The new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S Series, and Galaxy Fold will come with pre-installation of anti-malware protection, which will be powered by McAfee. These connect the present Samsung Galaxy series, including Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10, having VirusScan protection of McAfee. Also, Samsung’s Personal Computers and laptops, comprising Galaxy Book S and Samsung Galaxy Book Ion and Book Flex will be available with the pre-installation of McAfee LiveSafe.

Consumers to get benefitted from Additional Online Risk Protection

Consumers will be benefitted from extra protection against online risks, viruses, and ransomware with offline as well as online protection. All Samsung laptop users will make the most of a 60-day free trial and will obtain exclusive discounts post the trial period.

Reddit Links up with Tagboard, Makes First Foray into Aggregated Content Sourcing for Broadcast

Tegna and NFL Network local news stations are among the first broadcasting entities to benefit from the partnership between Tagboard and Reddit.

Reddit, a US social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website, has entered into partnership with Tagboard, a US interactive storytelling platform. By partnering with Tagboard, Reddit will make its first attempt to get involved in the new sphere of aggregated content sourcing for broadcast. The partnership will help several global broadcast companies to use the ideas and voice of Reddit users for entertainment, sports television, and broadcast news shows. Reddit has over 430 million monthly active users. Local news stations belonging to Tegna and NFL Network are among the first broadcast organizations to leverage the partnership.

“Reddit’s partnership with Tagboard enables our unique content to be distributed and credited by TV networks across the globe for on-air storytelling purposes. Our company anticipates the partnership will be empowering broadcasters to share our content regularly while also showcasing our power of belonging and community,” said Senior Director of Business Development and Media Partnerships at Reddit, Alexandra Riccomini.

Partnership helps Tegna to develop news content reflecting the most topical online conversations

“Reddit is home to a plethora of amazing content and over 100,000 active communities, and Tagboard is excited for partnering with them as broadcasters are committing more time to sourcing perspectives from online communities to improve their stories. Our company, as the premier Reddit content distributor to broadcast brands, plays an important role to ensure Reddit content is disseminated more easily to entertainment, sports, and news brands across the globe,” said Tagboard’s Chief Revenue Officer, Nathan Peterson.

Chief Digital Officer at Tegna, Adam Ostrow said that Tegna’s partnership with Tagboard and Reddit gives the broadcasting company the ability to develop news content reflecting the most topical insights and online conversations being shared by Reddit users. The partnership also allows Tegna’s 49 local newsrooms to become receptive to or aware of hyperlocal issues being discussed in Reddit and Tagboard’s communities, added Ostrow.

Ford’s Lincoln Partners with Rivian to Develop its Debut Fully Electric Vehicle

Lincoln’s first all-electric vehicle will be based on Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform and feature intuitive and connected technologies.

The Lincoln Motor Company, Ford’s luxury vehicle division, has partnered with Rivian, a US automaker and automotive technology company, to build Lincoln’s first fully electric vehicle. The all-new fully electric vehicle will be based on Rivian’s flexible skateboard platform and is part of the partnership between Ford and Rivian previously announced. In April 2019, Rivian received a $500 million minority investment from Ford. The new electric vehicle that Lincoln and Rivian are working on will be featuring intuitive and connected technologies. The zero-emissions vehicle will be further strengthening Lincoln’s commitment to electrification and will be joining the luxury vehicle brand’s Corsair and Aviator Grand Touring plug-in hybrid vehicles.

“Rivian’s vehicle development partnership with Ford is a thrilling opportunity to pair our technology with Lincoln’s vision for refinement and innovation. Our company is proud to collaborate on Lincoln’s first fully electric vehicle,” said RJ Scaringe, CEO of Rivian.

Lincoln’s all-new electric vehicle also part of Ford’s $11.5 billion investment into electrification

“Working with Rivian marks a pivotal point for our company as we move toward a future including fully electric vehicles. This vehicle will be taking Quiet Flight to a new place – intuitive and connected technology, effortless performance, and zero emissions. It is going to be stunning,” said President of the Lincoln Motor Company, Joy Falotico.

Lincoln’s first fully electric vehicle is also part of Ford’s upward of $11.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles. The investment was announced in November 2019 and includes an all-electric F-150 pickup and the Mustang Mach-E fully electric SUV. In the past three years, Lincoln has launched four new SUVs, which include Navigator, Aviator, and Corsair. The all-new lineup has helped the luxury vehicles brand to reach its best SUV sales in the US in 16 years. It has also pushed the automaker’s global SUV sales growth to 7% Y-o-Y.

The production of the Lincoln MKZ sedan will probably end in 2020 with the addition of the automaker’s new luxury electric vehicle. This is to help Ford’s Mexican Hermosillo Assembly Plant to prepare for the manufacture of the automaker’s new vehicles.

PayPal and UnionPay International Partner to Expand Digital Payment Networks

PayPal and UPI plan to add over 30 markets in 2020. UnionPay cards will be added to PayPal wallets in different countries.

PayPal, a US company operating a worldwide online payments system, and UnionPay International (UPI), a subsidiary of Chinese financial services corporation China UnionPay, have signed a partnership to advance the growth of their digital payment networks. The agreement between the two companies allows the addition of UnionPay cards to PayPal wallets in Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, and Australia. UPI and PayPal are planning to add over 30 markets during this year. This will provide UnionPay cardholders additional choices when shopping as PayPal has given its commitment to support UPI acceptance globally where PayPal is accepted.

“With approximately 130 million UnionPay cards issued outside mainland China, UnionPay cards are becoming a key payment option for more and more number of global customers. We’re very delighted to deepen collaboration with the global leader in ecommerce, PayPal. Both the parties will be jointly exploring and implementing the application of new payment modes and new products in the cross-border payment field, hoping to create greater value for both sides and better serve our cardholders,” said VP of UPI, Larry Wang.

Collaboration to help better serve joint merchants and customers

“We at PayPal are proud of the landmark agreement with UPI and the global impact this creates for our joint customers, building on PayPal’s status as the first foreign payments platform that is licensed to process online payments in China. This partnership has the ability to contribute to the China ecommerce ecosystem’s overall growth and will provide more choice to UnionPay customers when shopping cross border. It will also give us the opportunity to explore the option of expanding our digital wallet to physical retail locations where UnionPay is accepted in China, or internationally,” said PayPal’s SVP of Global Payments, Jim Magats.

UnionPay cardholders will be able to enjoy shopping at any of the millions of merchants globally that accept PayPal via the PayPal wallet. However, they need to make sure their card is added to the PayPal wallet. UPI and PayPal will also collaborate to serve joint merchants and customers in a better way and expand digital payments globally and in China.

Reebok and Khalid Gets Together for a Global Campaign

The key objective behind this collaboration is to encourage young generation by means of self-expression and experimentation.

US based Footwear giant, Reebok has lately entered into a global partnership with Khalid, an American singer and songwriter. The key objective behind this collaboration is to encourage young generation by means of self-expression and experimentation.

Reebok to Showcase Khalid in the ‘Sport the Unexpected’ Campaign

The Adidas-owned brand revealed Khalid as its latest ambassador and the company will showcase him in its first “Sport the Unexpected” campaign of the year in Spring 2020. Reebok announced this deal on Instagram and posted the singer’s images wearing a pair of the Reebok’s Club C sneakers, while playing with Maui, his dog.

On this occasion, Matt Blonder, VP of Marketing and Digital Brand Commerce, Reebok, posited, “Khalid is a perfect example of pride, originality, and imagination for the new generation. With his distinctive sound and personal experiences that took him across the nation, Khalid truly represents our common philosophy, which is to nurture creativity and support experimentation. We welcome him with open arms.”

Immersive elements of surreal and irreverence will meet Khalid’s real and captivating self to give rise to an unpredicted story, underlining both Khalid’s natural vigour and Reebok’s custom with the help of a more modern perspective.

Khalid to Encourage the Young Generations

The Grammy award-winning artist reflected, “I am excited to join forces with Reebok. I appreciate how they merge traditional and latest and respect the classics with new twists. I hope we can influence today’s youth and encourage them to stay real and opt for creative chances.” Khalid further expressed his eagerness to work with the recognized brand and is also set to inspire the young generation.