Twitter Introducing “Hide replies” Feature to Cut Down Cyber Bully and Trolls

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media. Among its multi-dimensional purposes that include spreading awareness, sharing information and creating a public platform to share personal vies. Things are not very fair though when it comes to personal views. The harsh attack and trolls have become a very painful part of this social media, and the developers want to end that with their new feature. The ‘Hide replies’ is the new feature of Tweeter that will help to control the thoughtless attack on personal tweets.

The new feature called ‘Hide replies’ will be useful to the users who can control the visibility of the tweets as per their wish. It will assist to tone down the number trollers. This feature will also support to control hate messages, verbal abuse, personal attack, and cyber-bullying.

The user can take help of this feature by clicking on the picture of arrow point down which is at the top left of the tweet. Then click on it and the user will have to select “Hide replies” option and he is good to go. Though the feature will only help to ‘hide’ a reply and is unable to delete any reply, it just helps to hide the comment from the public view.

While the feature will be helpful to restrict the negativity on the social platform, people can take advantage of it. As, if some misleading information is posted on twitter, people can be restricted from correcting it in the reply section by hiding the replies. The developers are very hopeful about the new feature and expect it will help to reduce the troll and abuse on the social platform.