New Cancer Treatment Therapy Cause No Side Effects to Healthy Cells, Says Study

A recent study found that new cancer therapies don’t have the side effects while accompanied by cancer treatment. The treatment identifies a protein modification, which specifically supports that survival and proliferation of the tumor cells.

Depending upon the type of cancer treatment and kind of cancer, a patient might suffer from various side effects such as loss of appetite, bruising, anemia, constipation, bleeding, diarrhea, hair loss, and fatigue.

The researchers have made a protein-modification discovery while examining neurofibromatosis type 2. The condition was mainly known as NF2 and is featured by the development of the tumors in the nervous system called schwannomas.

A professor of biophysics and biochemistry, Maca Franco said that the hallmark of the tumor cell behaves as uncontrolled growth and the tumor cells continue needs to produce energy and building blocks to reproduce.

The researchers have also found that schwannomas cells schwannomas cells act as peroxynitrite, oxidant and nitrating agent that modifies tyrosine and amino acids in proteins. When the tyrosine becomes nitrated in specific proteins, the reprogramming of the tumor cells effect and thus enables the cells to proliferate.

Franco said that to sustain continuous growth, tumor cells change the way they produce building blocks and energy and a current metabolic phenotype, which mainly differs from the normal cells.

She also added that peroxynitrite is the most powerful oxidant that is produced by cells and also controls the metabolic changes, which occur in the nervous system and thus supports the growth of the cells.

Franco further said that Peroxynitrite is found at a high level in pathological conditions. This helps to open up an exciting possibility of producing peroxynitrite exclusively in tumor cells, as it is a new therapy for the treatment of tumor in the nervous system. This treatment is done with minimal to no side effects on normal cells or tissues.