WBM Technologies Signs Acquisition of Manitoba Operations of Ricoh Canada

The acquisition is viewed as part of WBM Technologies’ efforts to raise one of the fastest-growing Canadian managed technology solution providers.

WBM Technologies, a provider of managed IT solutions in Western Canada, has strategically acquired Canadian digital business services and printing solutions provider Ricoh Canada’s operations in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The acquisition also includes Ikon Canada’s legacy operations, which Ricoh bought in 2008 as part of a global purchase. According to WBM’s press release, its acquisition is applicable with immediate effect. It is a move intended to continue to expand WBM’s footprint in Western Canada. Furthermore, it has increased the company’s total number of staff members to 314. In 2011, there were 100 employees working at the company.

In 2012, WBM acquired Ricoh Canada’s Saskatchewan operations. So the recent deal between the two companies is not the first they have entered into.

“Ricoh Canada’s move in 2012, without a question, together with its continued commitment to its partners, allows a tremendous amount of understanding and confidence of what the future together and successful transaction will look like,” said Ricoh Canada’s Dealer Operations VP, Mitch Henry.

Investments such as the acquisition are a deliberate step for WBM, says VP

“Our company knows this move will be a great step again for of course the team of people who joined WBM, and our customers, seeing the WBM team’s positivity, what they accomplished, and their clear focus on what is a highly unique approach to the market in Western Canada,” added Henry.

WBM is on the move to building one of the fastest-growing and largest managed technology solution providers in Canada. The acquisition deal between WBM and Ricoh Canada will see the transition of all Manitoba customers and WBM welcoming all of Ricoh Canada’s provincial staff.

“These investments are very important and deliberate steps for our company as it pursues a business strategy that’s all about outcomes and is aligned closely with transformations it is seeing across its Western Canada client community. With best practices in print management, our customers realize multimillion-dollar cost savings and some other extraordinary results, and new efficiencies driving page volumes down while introducing more modern and sustainable workflows. As we come together with Manitoba’s technology and business community, there’s a shared sense of excitement and opportunity around delivering the same outcomes here,” said Brett Bailey, WBM VP.