IPC Partners with Red Box to Further Fulfill Secure Voice Recording and Compliance Requirements

Financial companies using IPC’s Unigy platform will benefit from compliant voice capture solutions offered through the partnership.

IPC, a US-based technology and service company that powers financial markets globally, has entered into a strategic partnership with Red Box, a UK-based dedicated voice capture specialist. The partnership will help IPC to further serve the needs of global financial markets in relation to secure voice recording and compliance. Financial market participants using IPC’s Unigy platform will be able to benefit from compliant voice capture solutions offered by the company with the help of the partnership. In October 2019, IPC partnered with Trusted Data Solutions, a US-based legacy data management company, to allow customers to manage real-time and legacy voice-related data in a single unified solution.

“Our open philosophy underpins the Red Box approach, and we are delighted to strategically partner with IPC as a leader in the financial compliance and services space. Our companies have a long-standing relationship, with the integration of Unigy platform announced by Red Box last year, and Red Box is excited to join forces with IPC for ensuring that customers are provided AI-ready voice data sets from across their organization for fueling real-time and post-call analysis within their applications of choice, for delivering actionable insights,” said CEO of Red Box, Richard Stevenson.

Partnership will help customers to completely benefit from secure access to strategic data set

“Red Box and our company, fully leveraging this new relationship, are embracing an open ecosystem approach for ensuring that our customers can fully benefit from secure access to an extremely strategic and valuable data set,” said David Brown, COO of IPC.

In October 2019, IPC launched data visualization tool Blotter designed in partnership with GreenKey Technologies, a US company that converts complex, mission critical audio and text into seamless data structures to automate and analyze real-time human tasks. In September 2019, the company announced a major expansion of its Connexus Cloud platform in Canada. Connexus Cloud enables secure access to more than 550 public clouds and integrates hybrid and private clouds.