Intel and MediaTek Enter into Partnership to Enable Next-gen Advanced PCs with 5G Solution

First products developed with the help of the partnership are expected to become available by early 2021.

Intel, a US-based semiconductor manufacturing company, has announced its partnership with MediaTek, a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor company. The partnership will focus on the support, certification, and development of 5G modem solutions for next-gen PC experiences. Intel will be responsible for defining a 5G solution specification that is focused on deployment in major laptop segments. Additionally, it will be developing and validating platform-level software and hardware integration, which includes OS host drivers. On the other hand, MediaTek will take the responsibility of developing and manufacturing the 5G modem. First products developed with the help of the partnership are expected to become available by early 2021.

“Developed in partnership with Intel, our 5G modem for PCs is integral to making 5G available and accessible across mobile and home platforms. 5G will be ushering in the next era of PC experiences, and working with computing industry leader Intel highlights our expertise in the design of 5G technology for global markets. Consumers, with this partnership, will have the ability to game, stream, and browse faster on their PCs, but we are also expecting them to innovate with 5G in ways we’ve not imagined yet,” said Joe Chen, President of MediaTek.

HP and Dell expected to deliver laptops enabled with 5G solution from Intel and MediaTek

“5G’s poised to unleash a new connectivity and computing level that’ll be transforming the way we interact with the world. The partnership with MediaTek brings together industry leaders having deep connectivity, system integration, and engineering expertise for delivering 5G experiences on the next generation of the best PCs of the world,” said Executive VP and GM of Client Computing Group at Intel, Gregory Bryant.

Laptops enabled with MediaTek and Intel’s 5G solution could first be delivered by HP and Dell as OEM partners. With the help of the partnership with MediaTek, Intel will be able to expand its connectivity products portfolio for delivering 5G on next-gen advanced laptops. Intel and MediaTek will also work with Chinese wireless communication module and solution provider Fibocom to develop M.2 modules optimized to integrate with Intel client platforms.