ScanSTAT Technologies Acquires DocFile Systems to Strengthen Service Portfolio

The acquisition will help ScanSTAT to add medical document filing services to its portfolio.

ScanSTAT Technologies, a US medical records release and disclosure management company, has acquired DocFile Systems, a US company that introduces itself as an on-demand medical document management resource. According to ScanSTAT’s recent news release, the acquisition will help ScanSTAT to add to its service offerings and accelerate its growth. With the help of the acquisition, the company will be able to offer order management support and medical document filing services to health information management clients. In the US, it serves over 1,500 healthcare partners with outsourced release-of-information services, according to the company’s recent news release.

“The acquisition is a reflection of ScanSTAT’s strategy to expand our business with a commitment and dedication to the efficiencies around the patient medical record and streamlining documentation availability to enhance patient care,” said CEO of ScanSTAT Technologies, Glenn Andrews.

DocFile Systems has a dedicated team of e-filing specialists

“Leveraging ScanSTAT’s expertise, and sales team and client services for providing a complementary service to our existing customers is our service line’s perfect evolution. This additional service advances our goal to improve overall efficiencies for health information management,” said President of ScanSTAT Technologies, Matt Rohs.

As far as DocFile Systems is concerned, it was a natural progression of a complementary service to decide to merge with ScanSTAT. Solutions by DocFile Systems include ongoing and project-based filing services for test results, reports, and other documents of incoming specialists, which help to support compliance with referral management metrics, improve patient satisfaction, and reduce delays in patient care. DocFile Systems has a dedicated team of e-filing specialists who accelerate support to referral management compliance processes of providers and availability of critical information for them.

ScanSTAT helps with secure and accurate processing of protected health information for healthcare organizations in the US. It is committed to the streamlining of medical record release processes.