Lightspeed Buys Kounta to Expand POS Business in Asia Pacific

The acquisition of Kounta is in line with Lightspeed’s mission of becoming a global leader in POS for SMEs.

Lightspeed, a Canadian point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce software provider, recently announced the acquisition of Kounta, an Australian software company known for its flagship product comprising a cloud-based POS mobile app. According to sources, Lightspeed’s main intention behind acquiring Kounta is to strengthen its presence in the Asia Pacific POS market. With the help of the acquisition, Lightspeed will be able to gain momentum to reach its goal of becoming a leading global POS platform for SMEs. Moreover, the company will be equipped to offer even better customer experiences because of the combination with Kounta.

“Joining a recognized world leader Lightspeed is a testament to Kounta’s hard work and also a shared passion for the empowerment of independent businesses. Our company is immensely proud to form partnership with a company so well aligned on technology, culture, and purpose,” said CEO of Kounta, Nick Cloete.

Lightspeed will strengthen its footprint by more than 7,000 customer locations

“The impressive track record of Kounta is thanks to its team, and our company is thrilled to welcome them into our family. Our merchants are the chief beneficiaries of the resulting innovation when smart minds collaborate, which ultimately enables small and medium-sized businesses around the globe to reach their full potential through our technology,” said CEO of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva.

The acquisition of Kounta will help Lightspeed to expand its footprint across New Zealand and Australia by over 7,000 customer locations. These locations include small and medium-sized brands across high-end boutique hotels, full-service restaurants, bars, and cafes. According to a recent blog by Cloete posted on Kounta’s official website, joining Lightspeed has positioned Kounta well to keep learning and growing, introduce new products in the market, see expansion into Asia Pacific, continue to make deep investment in production innovation and development, and continue to grow in New Zealand and Australia.

Cloete wrote in his blog that Kounta’s top priorities even after joining Lightspeed will always be to continue to grow, add genuine value to the industry, and serve its customers.