Five New Data Centres Added to Oracle’s Cloud Computing

On Monday, Oracle Corp has said that they have added new cloud computing data centres in five countries as the company tries to compete with players like Microsoft Corp and for market share. Further, by the end of 2020, they are aiming to set them in 36 locations.

The company saw a rocky start in its initial years of the cloud business but not the California based manufacturers are rolling out its second generation of cloud systems. They will be both operating data centres and customers rent capacity through it.

The executive vice president of engineering, Clay Magouyrk, said that under the new data privacy regulations and guidelines across the globe has meant that the businesses must retain data in the country of its origin. This has made its very crucial to offer them cloud data centres.

He further said the company’s goal is to at least have two regions where it operates in each country. This will help them provide customers with one primary region and another as a backup in case of disaster. Their strategy is to have lots of regions around the world to expand its data centre footprint.

On Monday, the company have added regions in Saudi Arabia; Osaka, Japan; Melbourne, Jeddah, Australia; Montreal, Canada; and Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They are planning to add another region in Saudi Arabia by this year along with two in the UAE.

A research director at IDC, Deepak Mohan, said that the aim for geographical reach is a solid strategy in the wake of new data regulations providing customer base of large businesses. Over the last couple of years, the company has taken a bad rap, however, some of those things are taking their own sweet time to get the ship righted.