Walmart will discontinue the Sales of Short-Barrel Rifle and Handgun Ammunition after Horrific Shooting


Walmart said on September 2 that it will be discontinuing its sales of short-barrel rifle ammunition and handgun ammunition, which can be used with the military-style weapons, following with two horrific shootings at Walmart stores.  The company is also stopping its sales for all handgun in Alaska by marking its complex exit from the handguns category.

In addition to this move, the company is asking that consumers no longer bring their firearms into Walmart and Sam’s club establishments, which are in open carry states until they are approved by law enforcement agents. The company said that it won’t be altering its policy for the customers who are having the permission for hidden carry and in the coming weeks, it will be adding signage to stores to communicate the further updates.

Doug McMillon, CEO said that the company believes in opportunity for someone to misinterpret the situation even in open carry states would be lead to tragic results. McMillon added that everyone will understand the circumstances, which led to this new policy and also respect the concerns for their associates and fellow shoppers.

Earlier the day, the shares of ammunition and guns were in loss, the stock of Vista Outdoors’s was closed down to 6%. Strum Ruger & Company shares were closed down to 0.6%. Smith & Wesson parent company American Outdoor Brands stock were fell to nearly 4.5%. The shares of Walmart were ended a day up by 0.3%.

CEO further said that the company is listening to a people outside and inside of the company as it thinks about the role that the company is playing will help to make the country safer. It has been clear that the status quo is unacceptable.

He also said that he will be sending a letter to congressional leaders and Whitehouse for action on common-sense measures. He is calling the government to check the strong background and to remove weapons from those who have been made to pose a brewing danger. He also said the administration and Congress should act.

A gun-rights advocacy group, National Rifle Association of America has responded to the revealed changes by stating that the line at Walmart will be soon replaced by the lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms.