WhatsApp Added Four New Features That Makes Your Chat Experience Better

The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp has rolled out its new features to cater to the needs of its 1.5 bn customers across the globe. To improve data security and enhance the customer experience, WhatsApp launches its new features for its iOS and Android users.

WhatsApp fingerprint Lock Feature:

WhatsApp has finally introduced a biometric lock feature to its Android users. This technological advancement feature has come up by WhatsApp to Android users after the seven months of iOS-based users. In February, the instant messaging app has added its new feature to its iPhone users, which allows them to safeguard the app data by using fingerprint details. The iPhone users can lock the app by touch ID or using Face ID.

This new feature has gone live for all Android users who are using the beta version of WhatsApp. Beta version of users can update their WhatsApp to 2.19.3 version to enjoy the latest updates.

Frequently Forwarded:

Facebook has been dealing with various security issues pertaining to data privacy. WhatsApp has also been accused of fanning fake news but, it has done considerable work to curb the users of its fake news. WhatsApp has frequently made changes to forward tool, this tool will get the users while updating the WhatsApp. The updated users have already observed the frequently forwarded label on some forwarded messages. The WhatsApp users will now get to know if the message is forward for more than five times. The users will get alerts with the forwarded many times’ label. This tool is being used to curb customers from fake news.

WhatsApp from Facebook Tag Added:

Facebook has recently revealed an update for beta users that adds WhatsApp from the Facebook label to the app. The company said that it is to be clearer about the services and the products, which are part of Facebook. The users can check this label from WhatsApp settings section.

Consecutive Voice Messages:

WhatsApp has added another new feature named consecutive voice messages. It is a playback feature to WhatsApp. This feature plays a voice message manually and allows the user to automatically play consecutive voice messages. WhatsApp will notify the users with a sound after playing first voice message and the second voice message will be played automatically.