Google Stops Audio Transcription From Google Assistant In European Union

Google has suspended to make its transcriptions of voice recordings from its Google Assistant System in the European Union.  The company admitted in July that the patterns who work to observe voice snippets form the Assistant leaked data.  More than 1,000 private conversations were sent out to Belgian news outlet and some of the messages were shown information such as customer addresses and medical conditions.

Google spokesperson said that the company is in touch with the Hamburg data protection authority and is assessing to conduct audio reviews and assist the users to understand how the data is being used. The spokesperson added that after the company learned about the leaking confidential audio data, it paused the languages for the reviews of the Google Assistant to investigate.  The company holds its transcriptions for around 0.2% of all audio clips. The spokesperson further said that this system will help to recognize audio more inclusive of different dialects and accents across languages.

Google’s move is voluntary to stop the transcriptions, but the company faces the risk of regulation from politicians and lawmakers for the concentration of the power in people’s life. The company has acknowledged its contractors in the last month to listen to the recordings of what people tell Google Assistant after the leakages of the recordings of the Dutch languages. It also said that the contractors listen to the recordings to better understand the accents and language patterns.

According to the Associated Press, Google will suspend its account for three months. The German regulatory have reported a formal probe into the firm’s data practices but it hasn’t taken any action against it.

Caspar’s office said that Google had told Hamburg that there are still significant doubts about Google Assistant that whether it will be combined with European Union data protection law or not.