Indian-American Scientist at the University Of New Mexico Tested Vaccines That Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

A researcher’s team of Indian-American scientist at the University of New Mexico has made a breakthrough to find a vaccine for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. This disease is mainly targeted to a specific protein, which is usually found in the patient’s brain that is affected by a neurodegenerative disorder.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease, which led to cause brain cells to degrade and die. This disease is the utmost common cause of dementia that continuously reduces the power of thinking, social skills, and behavioral skills, which disrupts a patient’s capability to function independently.

Dr. Kiran Bhaskar, a professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology had started a test of a vaccine on mice and it has not been yet clear that it works on people or not. Bhaskar said that for the detection of Alzheimer’s disease, it works started with an idea in the year 2013. He further said that it took him about five years or more to get the idea generated and started fully working on the idea of vaccine to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

Bhaskar and its team found that when the vaccine was developed to treat Alzheimer affected mice, they developed antibodies, which cleared the tau-proteins from their brains and the responses also lasts for the months. Tau protein is a protein, which occurs in tangled formations in the brain of the Alzheimer’s disease patients that disrupts the ability of the neurons to get connected with one another. Tau is generally a stabilizing structure inside the neurons.

However, the drugs seem to work on mice does not have the same effect on humans. A clinical trial required to see among patients, if the drug helps in human’s life. It is an expensive and difficult treatment with no guarantee of success.

Bhaskar said that for the treatment of disease, it required a version of vaccines so that the test can be done in people.

University said that the disease predominantly affects the senior citizens and is at a rise. Presently, the disease is affecting around 43 mn of the people across the world.