Blue Screen of Electronic Gadgets Can Disrupt Sleep Cycle

The overuse of different electronic gadgets with display affects sleep cycle putting human health at stake with a number of immediate and future health issues.

The smartphones have become the part of human existence and the addiction to its blue screen is a matter of concern to the physicians. The latest research suggests limiting evening exposure to blue screens of phones and laptops, tablets, and computers can reverse sleep problems. The habit reduces the symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration, and bad moods in teenagers, in just a week, confirms the study.

Dirk Jan Stenvers, the co-author of the research from Amsterdam UMC hospital in the Netherlands said that as adolescents spend more time on devices with screens and the habit is increasing sleep complaints are frequent in this age group.

The researchers observed that people who spend more than four hours per day in front of the screen had on average 30 minutes late sleep than those who use spend less than one hour per day in front of evening screen. More than an hour staring in front of the screen adds more signs of sleep loss. The research explains that too much exposure to evening blue light radiated from devices can affect the brain’s clock cycle. It hampers the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone that results in interrupted sleeping time and the quality of it.

The lack of sleep on a regular basis can cause more than immediate symptoms of tiredness and poor concentration. It may increase the risk of more serious long-term health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases. Dirk added that different sleep-related issues can be easily controlled by minimizing evening screen use or exposure to the blue light of any electronic devices.