Consensus FinTech Partners with Bitsdaq after Making Strategic Investment

Industry’s top institutions invested in Bitsdaq’s BQQQ token after Consensus FinTech strategically invested in the company.

Bitsdaq, Hong Kong’s cryptocurrency trading platform operating in Pan Asia, and Consensus FinTech Group, a Singaporean cryptocurrency management firm, have formed a partnership focusing on operations, marketing, business, and financial investment. According to Bitsdaq’s press release, Consensus FinTech, which is a popular blockchain investment fund in America’s Silicon Valley, has made a strategic investment in Bitsdaq. This investment allowed Bitsdaq to collect BQQQ token investments made by a couple of top institutions in the industry. The press release also says that Consensus FinTech has invested in Bitsdaq parent company’s project IHT.

“By nature, industrial ecosystem financing is strategic, and we are hoping to create an open and a complete blockchain ecosystem that helps digital assets in unlocking their potential for change in the global marketplace. Our company has complete confidence that partnering with Consensus FinTech Group will be creating a major competitive advantage in this market,” said Bitsdaq’s Founder and CEO, Ricky Ng (source).

BQQQ attracted a strong response from the capital market

Consensus FinTech is happy to form an alliance with Bitsdaq, said Consensus FinTech’s Founding Partner, Chloe Wang. It is positive about the growth area of the exchange expected to create several opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, and developers. During the private round, the capital market responded strongly after being triggered by BQQQ. A number of institutions approached Bitsdaq for investment.

“The future growth point is likely to be seen on the track of the digital currency exchange, judging from the blockchain industry’s major development trends on a global scale. Owing to the changes in the market structure, we enter the market before the launch of BQQQ, Bitsdaq’s first IEO project platform. Consensus FinTech is very confident of Bitsdaq’s future, through our previous investment in IHT,” said Wang.

According to Bitsdaq, its platform received an enthusiastic response from the capital market. Consensus FinTech’s strategic investment fits seamlessly with Bitsdaq’s development and is tied to significant nodes of the exchange, Bitsdaq mentioned in its press release. Bitsdaq Launchpad is said to have received scores of IEO project applications and gained a lot of market attention in the recent time.