Amazon is Planning Machines to Automate Packaging Jobs

Amazon started adding technology to a handful of warehouses in the past few years to scan goods that come down in a conveyor belt and to envelop products in boxes. Now the company is considering installing two such machines at dozens of more warehouses. The manual labor that is needed for these facilities typically employs more than 2,000 people.

The plan is a clear indication of how Amazon is trying to reduce labor to boost profits through it. Amazon is famous for its interest in automation as many parts of its business as possible, from pricing goods to transport items in its warehouses.

According to an Amazon spokeswoman, they are piloting this new technology with the target of speeding up delivery times and adding safety and efficiency. They believe the efficiency savings can be re-invested in new and better customer services. Where automation can be a threat to the goodwill factor, they are sure the savings can create new jobs in the future with a better service. The company introduced machines known as the “SmartPac,” to mail items in patented envelopes.

Amazon has investigated different technology of different vendors including Soft Robotics, which is a Boston- startup that was inspired by the tentacles of the octopus to make grippers more usable and powerful. They wish to use such technology in the future for packing.

But the packaging machines are already proving helpful to Amazon. The company has also plans for approximately more than two dozen U.S. fulfillment centers for both small and non-specialty inventory. As per the logistics consultancy of MWPVL International, which could be a helpful aspect for the automation purpose. It’s a fact that the age of automation is peaking up its pace and it’s a matter of time when ‘lights out’ warehouse will be a reality.