Blackberry Messenger to Shut Down On May 31 for Individual Users

In the time of WhatsApp and other social networks, Blackberry messenger has failed to get new users and hence has decided to shut down its operations for individuals with effect from May 31, 2019. Emtek, the company that was managing Blackberry Messenger service announced the same after the agreement with Blackberry.

The company is closing its Blackberry Messenger, but it is not shutting down its entire BBM. Blackberry also runs its business called BBMe and its service will continue to run. After the announcement by Emtek, the company too made an announcement that it will open its BBMe services to individual users.

Emtek said that three years ago BBM was set out to be a stronger consumer service and the most loving messaging applications across the globe. It was a platform where users not only chatted and shared stories but also made payment services. The company further said that its time to say goodbye for BBM consumer service and for the Emtek to move on.

Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Wilson said that the Blackberry respects Emtek’s decision and the company is disappointed that BBM consumer service has not grown as expected and did not get the platform to thrive in the market. After so much consideration Blackberry has decided for its loyal users to have a secure platform. BBMe will be available very soon to the Apple App store. The Android users can download BBMe from its Google Play store from today.

Blackberry said that BBMe will not be free even after the first year. It will be available for free for the first year, but after completion of the one year, six months subscription is there which cost $2.49.

Emtek observed that the technology sector is still running and despite being putting many efforts users got shifted to other platforms and it might be difficult for new users to sign on.