Roquette Introduces Plant-based Cosmetics Range Beauté

The Beauté by Roquette range aims to target the key market trends in the cosmetics market, especially the rising demand for plant-based products. It also aims for high-performing products and innovation in the beauty range.

Roquette is a global leader for plant-based ingredients for food, nutrition, and health markets. Recently the company has unveiled its beauty range Beauté by Roquette. It is a new leap forward for the company for the expansion approach. The innovative, high-performing and natural-based components for cosmetics have strengthened its strategic partnership with Sytheon, which is an innovative US-based specialty ingredient company for the personal care industry.

This partnership is a first step in moving forward and expanding Roquette Beauté to benefit from an ecosystem of expertise, as Roquette’s believes in sustainable beauty is all about skin health and nutrition.

Just after one year of successful launch, the company is enhancing its international policy in cosmetics range on a reinforced internal structure, stronger capabilities, a network of expertise and talents. The cosmetics market is very dynamic and constitutes a real opportunity for growth. Based on the demand, Roquette is setting futuristic goals. Within five years, 50% of its product portfolio for the cosmetics market is expected to be made up of new ingredients and solutions that do not yet exist, and the company has the vision to get hold of that market. Its new range of products will emphasize on improving the sensorial benefits that combine hydration and lasting protection for both skin and hair with moisturizing properties and skin repair solution.

Roquette is also expanding in organically grown ingredients to visible its presence in Europe, North America, and Asia. It will also open a center for expertise, with a laboratory and a collaborative space in the Paris region in 2020 to support further experiments.